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The driver of this taxi-moto pauses on a country road in Athiémé

Our mission

To generate data on gender and climate change issues, raise awareness and promote active participation of policy makers to be champions of gender mainstreaming in policies and strategies in the economic sectors that are aligned with climate change

What we do

ICCASA is led by a team of gender and climate change experts and an advisory committee from various economic sectors who work hand in hand to address challenges faced by African countries to formulate gender responsive policies that inform effective mainstreaming of gender considerations into all aspects of programme design, implementation and evaluation.

Capacity Building

ICCASA capitalizes on building the capacity of policy makers and influencers so as to promote gender mainstreaming in national and regional policies and strategies. This involves capacity building of members of parliament, government officials, sectoral policy making experts and various other stakeholders.

awareness growth

The information gap is quite evident in gender and climate change. ICCASA capitalizes on the comprehensive expertise of the organization’s technical team and network to address this gap. This involves demystifying of national policies and action plans.


ICCASA conducts and facilitates research to generate new information and knowledge that is used internally and externally to support gender mainstreaming in all economic sectors.


Advocacy acts as a key pillar to ICCASA’s work. This ensures that no one is left behind in the pursuit of gender mainstreaming in climate change policies and strategies. Our advocacy arm is what ensures that each stakeholder is well aware of the role the play and how it contributes to the success of the overall mandate of the organization.