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Who we are

The Inclusive Climate Change Adaptation for a Sustainable Africa (ICCASA) is a nonprofit African based development organization committed to building resilience amongst communities in Africa through a gender-transformative approach. Together with Partners, ICCASA is committed to reducing gender inequalities through breakdown deep-rooted gender stereotypes that impede progress towards greater parity in climate change.

Our goals

Goal 1: Building the resilience and enhancing adaptive capacity of women to climate change

Goal 2: Building institutional capacity for equitable and inclusive governance of climate action

Goal 3: Expanding economic opportunities of women, youth, indigenous groups in a changing climate.
Increasing adaptive capacity and environmental resilience of grass-root communities through capacity building, identifying gender responsive climate change adaptation options in all sectors

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Thematic areas

Working towards an equitable and inclusive climate resilient tomorrow.
ICCASA aims to enhance adaptive capacity and resilience among communities in Africa through a gender transformative approach and promote gender-responsive climate policy (plans and financing), actions and strategies with a special focus on capacity-building on gender inclusivity. Our thematic areas include

By mainstreaming gender into agriculture, identifying the constraints and different genders for both women and men and providing opportunities to accelerate climate-smart agriculture
wind energy
Exploring the gender differences in energy production, energy use, access to energy and the participation of women in energy-related planning and decision making processes.
Exploring the nexus of gender-water-climate change to demonstrate how different groups of people understand, respond to and cope with variability and uncertainties in a changing climate 
Exploring the inter-linkages between climate change, gender, health and development to better inform climate adaptation and sustainable development
Adaptation through climate resilient infrastructure planning mechanisms is a key strategy to support


The world needs an equitable and inclusive climate resilient tomorrow. There is an increase by countries requesting support to address gender equality, women empowerment and social inclusion polices. This is becoming even more important because of the gender-based and social bias discrimination that has worsened with COVID-19 outbreak.

Partner with us.
Together, let us build a good gender practice for the world
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What People Say

The Gender and Climate Change Conversations provide a safe space for women to exchange and share ideas on climate action by, and for, women…
- Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Foundation,
Kenya Office

Working in partnership with the ICCASA to tackle the goal of sustainability, gender equality and ecological development in collaboration farmers is the ideal participatory processes of developing context specific and culturally acceptable adapted methods of farming in harmony with nature, organic pest control and disease vector control.....

- ISFAA Biovision, Zurich, Switzerland

ICCASA’s way of enhancing the overall awareness and responsiveness to disaster reduction and management in Eastern Africa is to combine citizen science and modern technologies that would help bridge the distance, in time and space, between citizens, especially women, people living with disability and youth and national governments in those crucial first few moments following the disasters.….

- UNESCO Nairobi Regional
Office, Kenya