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About Us

ICASSA Profile

The Inclusive Climate Change Adaptation for a Sustainable Africa (ICCASA) is a nonprofit African based development organization committed to building resilience amongst communities in Africa through a gender-transformative approach. Together with Partners, ICCASA is committed to reducing gender inequalities through breakdown deep-rooted gender stereotypes that impede progress towards greater parity. Headquartered in Nairobi Kenya, ICCASA has been working to advance inclusiveness and equity within the climate change space. Informed by extensive gender and climate change research and experience and deep local expertise, ICCASA work across Africa’s region addressing the following four overarching goals

  • Building the resilience and enhancing adaptive capacity of women to climatechange
  • Building institutional capacity for equitable and inclusive governance of climate action
  • Expanding economic opportunities of women, youth, indigenous groups in a changing climate; and
  • Increasing adaptive capacity and environmental resilience of grassroots communities through capacity building, identifying gender responsible climate change adaptation options in agriculture, energy, water, forestry, infrastructure and manufacturing.

The organization is led by a team of gender and climate change experts and an advisory committee from various economic sectors who work hand in hand to address challenges faced by African countries to formulate gender responsive policies that inform effective mainstreaming of gender considerations into all aspects of programme design, implementation and evaluation.

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Our Vision

To contribute towards building adaptive capacity and enhancing resilience of communities in Africa

Our Mission

To generate data on gender and climate change issues, raise awareness and promote active participation of policy makers to be champions of gender mainstreaming in policies and strategies in the economic sectors that are aligned with climate change.

Main Objective

To build the capacity of policy makers and influencers in Africa to equip them with the necessary information and skills required for gender mainstreaming in policies and strategies.

Meet The Team

Mary Nyasimi, PhD
Executive Director
Inclusive Climate Change Adaptation for a Sustainable Africa

Dr. Nyasimi is the Executive Director of the Inclusive Climate Change Adaptation for a Sustainable Africa, headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. Dr. Nyasimi holds a PhD. and Masters Degree in Sustainable Agriculture with a minor in Anthropology, and Bachelor's degree in Natural Resource Management from Egerton University, Kenya. As the Executive Director, Dr. Nyasimi is committed towards building resilience amongst communities (especially women, youth, the elderly, people living with disabilities and marginalized people) through a gender and socially inclusive and transformative approach in various economic sectors including agriculture, energy, water and infrastructure.

Prior to joining ICCASA, Dr. Nyasimi worked with the CGIAR Research program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) as a Gender and Social Inclusion Science officer, where she was involved in research and developing strategies that addresses gender and social inclusion for different social groups while bearing in mind that women are central to agriculture in Africa. Through this work, Dr. Nyasimi was able to create opportunities for women, young people and marginalized groups and to promote equitable access to resources, information and power in the agri-food system for men and women in order to close the gender gap by 2030 and contribute towards Sustainable Development Goals and the commitments made in the Paris Agreement.

Christopher Ruigu
Programs Manager
Inclusive Climate Change Adaptation for a Sustainable Africa

Christopher Ruigu is a Water and Irrigation Expert with a background in Agricultural Engineering from Egerton University and Water Management from the University of Canterbury. A registered Irrigation Engineer, he has more than 10 years’ experience in the Water sector and has worked in several parts of Kenya and Tanzania. His main areas of focus include Irrigation and Drainage design works, Climate Smart Agriculture, Integrated Water Resource Management, Project Management and Construction Supervision of Water Supply and Irrigation Schemes. During the past 10 years, he has been involved in Feasibility/ assessment studies, Design review and water supply and irrigation infrastructure project implementation. Among the projects undertaken include;

  • Rehabilitation of Mwea Irrigation Scheme
  • Detailed design and Construction Supervision of Lower Kuja Irrigation Scheme
  • Detailed design of Greater Bura and Hola Irrigation Scheme
  • Detailed design of Buuri Irrigation Scheme, Kithumbu Irrigation Scheme and Ena Irrigation Scheme (Community led initiatives)
  • Detailed design and construction supervision of expansion of Mwea Irrigation project
  • Detailed design and construction supervision of drainage infrastructure for Moi International Airport Mombasa
  • Detailed design of Storm Water Drainage Facilities for Naivasha, Garissa, Malindi, Machakos, Embu, Nakuru, Kitui and Kakamaega Towns
  • Detailed design of Kericho, Keroka and Isebania Water Supply and Sanitation Project.

He is also an assistant lecture at the University of Embu teaching courses concerned with sustainable use of water resources.

Faith Gikunda
Communications Director
Inclusive Climate Change Adaptation for a Sustainable Africa

Faith Gikunda is the Communications Director of the Inclusive Climate Change Adaptation for a Sustainable Africa (ICCASA). Faith is a member of the Public Relations Society of Kenya (PRSK) and holds degree in Bachelor of Science in Communication and Public Relations and a Diploma in Journalism among other professional trainings.

She also has a background in Environmental Journalism and Communication. Through her 15+ years professional journey in communication, Faith has immense skills in development and has been instrumental in developing messages on climate change, Climate Smart Agriculture and Gender mainstreaming particular among women, youth, People Living with Disabilities and Children in Africa.

As the communications Director at ICCASA, Faith is dedicated to ensuring that the organization’s communication is strategically designed to meet the needs of each target audience in order to build sustainable climate change solutions across all genders.

She is currently volunteering as a communications expert to the Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture Multi Stakeholder Platform. Prior to joining ICCASA, Faith worked with Volunteers For Africa Organization as a communication consultant and Learn From The Streets, street families rehabilitation project as a communications manager where she led the team into developing communication messages and campaigns to mainstream street families rights with a bias on street women, youth and children. The messages were aimed at reaching out to stakeholders both government and corporate to support in rehabilitation through various activities among the creative economy, film, sports, art, music, environmental conservation and green energy.

Work done

  • Took part in COP 24 in 2nd to 14th December 2018
  • Conducted a 2-day capacity building and strategy workshop for policy makers in Eastern Africa on gender mainstreaming in climate change policies and actions where 13 countries were represented
  • Took part in COP 25 2nd to 13th December 2019
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  • Participated in CCDA VII in 2018
  • Carried out a research study on gender and climate change vulnerability hotspots in Africa
  • Published a report on gender and climate change vulnerability hotspots in Africa
  • Profiling of gender and climate change experts in Africa
  • Conducted a webinar on gender-responsive climate change negotiations and policy making in Africa
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  • Conducted country studies on gender and climate change.
  • Conducted webinar on gender and climate change vulnerability hotspots in Africa